Is there a roadmap for docker swarm?

@stephanwalter 5 years are an era in our field: it’s impossible that a technology can remain the same, or even survive during this period. If you want to pick a technology to use for the next 5 years…well, you probably need to do it yourself, or just pick the best that you can find around and hope that it will not die during this period.

I’m a longtime swarm (swarmkit - docker services) production user. I started using swarm, and I continue to use it happily, because it’s the uncomplicated orchestration software that balance well features, easiness (abstractions) and flexibility. With it you can have a production level cluster in minutes: have you ever tried setting up a production level kubernetes?

But, obviously, this is only my microservice-based-ecosystem-case, and luckily docker swarm fits well it this environment. In my situation I can replace it with many similar solution without too much hassle because it just provide private network, service discovery and replicas distribution between nodes.
I read your comments in the other topic about swarm future: if you need to build your entire business on swarm probably you need to become an EE customer, or rely on another company services. Because, if you are an open source user you’re always on your own, and this is true with any open source software (nobody works for free). Yes, you can have support from the community but the community doesn’t work for anyone.

For my part, I stopped worrying about “docker swarm future” because:

  • it’s here and it works
  • nobody from Docker Inc. said that it will be deprecated
  • the roadmap isn’t a real problem because I think that Docker Inc wants to keep it simple and add only small/medium improvements during the year
  • if I need more than this I will just switch to another software (or service)
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