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Is there an undocumented container overlay network?


(Mudi Ugbowanko) #1

After running some further explorative tests, I have discovered that it is possible to use service and container names as a host. It appears to resolve to the private ip of that container or the public ip of the service.

This also only appears to work given that the container is within the same cluster as the container/service that it is trying to connect too. I like this!

I have a few questions:

Is this functionality future proof?
Will you be documenting this?

FWIW: I see this as an equally (if not more) useful feature to the stack file, which by design, couples services together. I can’t see a clear way to independently deploy services within a given stack file or have a development workflow that can focus on just one service at a time.

Opinions and pointers welcomed!

(Kickingthetv) #2

Hi Mudi,

Glad you’re enjoying the overlay network! We have this documented here: