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Is there automatic encryption between containers on different nodes?

(Evan Prodromou) #1

It’s important to me that if I link between two containers, the data exchanged is secure within the cloud hosting facility. That means that containers on different nodes use encryption to communicate – whether at the application layer (with HTTPS used between microservices, e.g.) or networking layer or somewhere in between.

Manually, I usually use OpenVPN, but I saw a note somewhere that Docker Cloud uses encryption for communication between linked containers automatically.

Is this true? That’d be pretty convenient.

(Andrew) #2

Have a look at this

It is the article about that. You will see what you are looking for under the heading “Private overlay network for containers”

(Evan Prodromou) #3

So, I guess the answer is yes?

(Andrew) #4

I assume yes. Unless they changed it when they moved it to Docker Cloud.