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Isn't VM supposed to stop after I stop using Docker on Mac?

(Moscowart) #1

Hello there! I’m using Docker Toolbox on Mac. I noticed that after I’m done with using it the Vboxheadless process is still active with huge resources consumption. So I stopped the image from VirtualBox GUI. But isn’t it supposed to stop somewhere from Docker CLI or automatically after some idle time? I mean if we start image by starting Docker Toolbox, why not stopping it from there either?

(Ranjandas) #2

If you want to stop the docker machine VM, you can make use of either VirtualBox GUI or use docker-machine command line to stop it.

# this will give you the name of the vm it will be 'default' by default
docker-machine ls

Once you get the machine name use the below command to stop it

docker-machine stop <vm name>

Unless you stop the VM manually it will keep running as long as your host is running.

(Moscowart) #3

Great! Thank you so much. That’s what I was looking for.