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Issue with DockerToolbox-18.09.1 and DockerToolbox-18.09.2 on Windows 10 Home


I have no issue with DockerToolbox (including 18.09.0) but with the last 2 versions, I have 2 issues:

  • Once downloaded, if I want to run them, Windows SmartScreen is triggered (it was not the case before).

  • After the installation (eg I bypass Windows SmartScreen), when I run Docker Quickstart Terminal, I get an error message saying that the vitualization hasn’t be activated at BIOS level (which is not the case)

If I install the 18.09.0 version, I don’t have any of those issues !

Any solution ?

Best Regards.


Tried with DockerToolbox 18.09.3 and got the same issues :frowning:

Forget to say that I am using a laptop with an AMD Ryzen CPU.
So any answer for the 2 issues I have ?

Again with the same PC and no configuration change I have no issue witth DockerToolbox 18.09.0 !

Best Regards.

Hello again,

Try again withe the latest version 19.03.1 and still have the issue on my laptop (Asus GL702ZC with AMD Ryzen 7 1700 processor on Windows 10 Home Edition 1903) !!!

Anyone could fix this issue or take it seriously ? Since Docker Toolbox 18.09.1 I have this issue. I remind you that I haven’t this this one with Docker Toolbox 18.09.0 !

Best Regards.