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Issue with DTR 2.7.6 when using mirror - pool_mirror error

I am trying to use the DTR ( dtr 2.7.6) mirroring, I added one after the other and only the first one went ok, and after a few hours I was able to add another one but the ones with error still with error.
The issues on the pool_mirror are all like:

{“level”:“info”,“msg”:"Starting job executor for command:job_executor poll_mirror ",“time”:“2020-03-23T20:15:00Z”}

{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“Establishing connection with Rethinkdb”,“time”:“2020-03-23T20:15:00.412800636Z”}

{“level”:“info”,“msg”:“getting poll mirror lock”,“retryFromID”:“46b236d6-5fda-4ec0-a767-95b33e85e650”,“time”:“2020-03-23T20:15:00.504972808Z”}

{“level”:“fatal”,“msg”:“Failed to get poll mirror lock: Failed to put because value was not expired”,“time”:“2020-03-23T20:15:00.508425738Z”}

JOBRUNNER: job exited with exit status: 256

Have anyone seen this? Am i not allowed to to this multitask or am i doing something wrong?

After leaving it alone, it all got mirrored. "Successfuly mirrored. ".

Guess something went wrong because of volume.