Issues installing mccdaq/daqhats library in Docker container

I am trying to utilize the daqhats library found here. While everything builds fine, but when the code is running I get ‘Error: module ‘daqhats’ has no attribute ‘mcc118’’. This library used to work a while ago when used on a similar device and the library has not changed since then which leads me to believe that it may be a docker issue. Has anyone else ran into anything similar?

Please try to add more details to your post, as so far the only thing we know is that you expect it to work, but it doesn’t. But we don’t know what you did exactly and more importantly how you did it exactly. How do we reproduce your steps?

Sorry about that.

In order to get the package on the device we added these lines to the dockerfile.arm37

RUN git clone
WORKDIR /app/daqhats
RUN chmod +x ./

After that in the module we attempted to utilize the library with

from daqhats import mcc118, OptionFlags, HatIDs, HatError

which resulted in the error in the initial post. This was all done on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running on Bullseye.

As this is not repeatable for me, there is not much I can do. The complete Dockerfile + files copied into the image by the COPY instruction would be required to repeat you build and run the image for test.

Still, I hope the information you shared is enough to enable someone who uses daqhats to understand the issue and provide a solution. It won’t be me.