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Its quiet. Too quiet

(Andrew Best) #1

Quick Q,

Where are the Docker staff?
To my eye they appear very absent from this forum recently and I have had no updates on a support request for 2 days.

Anyone know whats going on?

(Bryce Ryan) #2

Hi, Andrew,

The Docker forums are community-based discussions. While staff members like myself routinely review posts, we do not always see issues. If you are a partner or paid customer, there are other methods to interact with Docker the company. For example, paid customers have access to SLA-based support via, partners via our partner portal, training-related questions are handled via our training site, and so forth.

I do see an outstanding case involving someone with a name similar to yours; if that is the case, we have provided a number of case updates, and notifications about those updates would have been sent to the email address we have on record. If you are this person, it may be helpful to review your spam folder or your email folders in general, since our updates might have been filtered into an unexpected place.

We also encourage folks who are having difficulty reaching us, or who have customer service related questions, or who do not have paid accounts, to contact us via our Account Support Form, also located at

(Antoinetran) #3


Our company is a partner of Docker. I don’t know the exact deal between Docker and our company, because I am a technical user. If I ask my company a partner user, will I have some kind of official support from Docker, while our project do not use Docker-EE?
Thank you.

(Andrew Best) #4

Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the followup.
I received an invite to the Docker Community Slack yesterday so that is a good sign.

WRT to the case I opened. Ive received zero responses at my end and ive been through the spam folder closely. What else could be the cause?

(Bryce Ryan) #5

Hi, Andrew,

I’ve had a look at the ticket in question. There are some odd behaviors associated with it that I can’t explain, and it ended up in an unexpected place in our systems. I think I’ve put it back on track.

Thanks for your patience.