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Jekyll:latest container does not start

I am trying to get an operational jekyll container. The current jekyll/jekyll:latest will not start for me. I am running Docker for Windows version (49550) stable. My WSL2 implementation is Ubuntu 20.5. The container fails to start and produces the attached log.

ruby 2.7.1p83 (2020-03-31 revision a0c7c23c9c) [x86_64-linux-musl] jekyll 4.0.1 -- Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby


jekyll [options]

-s, --source [DIR] Source directory (defaults to ./)
-d, --destination [DIR] Destination directory (defaults to ./_site)
–safe Safe mode (defaults to false)
-p, --plugins PLUGINS_DIR1[,PLUGINS_DIR2[,…]] Plugins directory (defaults to ./_plugins)
–layouts DIR Layouts directory (defaults to ./_layouts)
–profile Generate a Liquid rendering profile
-h, --help Show this message
-v, --version Print the name and version
-t, --trace Show the full backtrace when an error occurs

build, b Build your site
clean Clean the site (removes site output and metadata file) without building.
doctor, hyde Search site and print specific deprecation warnings
help Show the help message, optionally for a given subcommand.
new Creates a new Jekyll site scaffold in PATH
new-theme Creates a new Jekyll theme scaffold
serve, server, s Serve your site locally
draft Creates a new draft post with the given NAME
post Creates a new post with the given NAME
publish Moves a draft into the _posts directory and sets the date
unpublish Moves a post back into the _drafts directory
page Creates a new page with the given NAME
rename Moves a file to a given NAME and sets the title and date
compose Creates a new document with the given NAME