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Joining default bridge network with another network

(Super6awspoc) #1

I’ve got a local development environment which is all Docker-based. Part of it are components which interface with some AWS services. I use localstack to mock out these AWS services locally.

I invoke a lambda container via localstack which needs to talk to other localstack services but the trouble is, localstack always attaches lambda containers to the default Docker bridge network which is isolated from the user-defined network all my other containers run in, including localstack.

The lambda then tries to talk to one of the mocked services in localstack, but since it doesn’t find the endpoint, it tries to go through the default bridge gateway ( via the host out to the internet to find the endpoint which obviously doesn’t exist.

There is no way you can change this behaviour in localstack, so my only option is to somehow join the default Docker bridge network with the main user-defined network where the rest of my local environment runs.

Moving all of my containers from the user-defined network to the default network is not an option, so is there a way I can keep things as they are but allow my lambda containers to talk to other containers/endpoints in another network?