Kafka Version Mapping in Docker File

Hi Guys,

We are planning to use the Wurstmeister (WM) Kafka image on docker hub to be deployed on Multi Master K8. On the docker hub home page for WM Kafka - the latest version is 2.2.0 but if we check the docker file, the version is 1.1.0 , so could someone explain why is it so. How do we find the actual Kafka version from the container image. ? Any help would be appreciated.


The current tag is 2.12-2.3.0 (scala=2.12, kafka=2.3.0).
You can check the sources in github: https://github.com/wurstmeister/kafka-docker

Though, I feel confluentinc/cp-kafka:5.3.1 (kafa 2.3.0 as well) is closer to beeing an offical image then the wurstmeister image. Confluent Inc provides commercial products and support for Kafka.