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Keep Data on Host after Mounting


(Blitzor) #1

there is one more question, where I dont have an answer yet!

Maybe one of you guys can help me if I’m wrong.

Short and Hard “way”:
Is there a way to keep the data after mouting without a datastorage volume?

The best way we would have is, that our Dockerfile Template (Image) just has a Gameserverimage in it and if we run a new container like : docker run … gameserver all data are already there.

The gameserver files are on a external imageserver. That is the reason why we want to create a image.

If we use a method like container storage, every customer has access to the same files or not? Because they share the same data (or am i wrong)?

The best way would be that we can mount it to our docker host and the container data which provides the gameserverfiles are still there.