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Kitematic: "unauthorized: incorrect username or password"

(Sjphichina) #1

Hi all,
I am using kitematic to create official images. The strange thing is that I can create redis and a coupe of others, but for mysql, I always see the “unauthorized: incorrect username or password” error. I am using the same docker id and pass, there is no difference. how do i understand this error? I have tried uninstall docker, restart mac and remove data.
for what reasons docker cannot work due to this unauthorized error? I cannot pull other images from either. However I am always just using the same docker id and pass. It is really barrier to me. I attached one screenshot for references.
Thanks for your help in advance!

(Jsmestad) #2

I am having this same issue. I’ve reset my password, removed special characters, and even switched back to stable with no luck.

(Jsmestad) #3

Actually I figured it out. Run docker login and use your docker USERNAME not email. For whatever reason that did the trick for me.

Hope this helps!

(Influxdev) #4

Thanks, it works like charm