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Kubernates and external load balancing

(Michael Shamberger) #1

issue type: architecture
os version: red hat ee 7.4
app version: 3.0.0-beta2
steps to reproduce: NA

I am trying to setup a beta instance in a typical corporate network and want to figure out how to use interlock to perform the external load balancing. I was thinking of using HRM with a wildcard DNS into the UCP server node ip wnere UCP is installed as a non-HA starter system to test out the product.

Related to the swarm mode routing mesh and HRM. Can these same features be used for external load balancing in ucp 3.0 when I am planning to use kubernates and not swarm?

com.docker.ucp.mesh.http label is supposed to be used for HRM. If I set that as a Kubernates label that would work?

Any documentation related to using kubernates and external load balancing?

(Ollypom) #2

Hey Michael, at this time HRM is only supported on Swarm Mode services. For Kubernetes workloads you would need to deploy a L7 ingress controller, for example Ingress Nginx.

(Michael Shamberger) #3

Would Docker consider packaging this as part of the product? At least if it was available for offline installation it would be easier. We have an opening to docker hub but the kubernates ingress controller from your documentation is served from which we do not.