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Kubernetes Compose Plugin context deadline exceeded

The UCP installer times out when trying to complete INFO[0068] Step 28 of 35: [Install Kubernetes Compose Plugin] with this error:

FATA[0190] unable to run install step "Install Kubernetes Compose Plugin": unable to wait for Kubernetes Compose Plugin to be running: context deadline exceeded 
FATA[0219] container ucp-installer exited with 1        

Where should I look for debugging this? I have ensured my nodes meet the minimum system requirements and have opened all the correct ports.

For more context:

I was able to get the installer to finish when I ran it without specifying the host-address. This did not work for me however since the installer defaulted to the internal IP address of the Ubuntu VM.

When i specify --host-address <EXTERNAL-IP> then the installer fails as above.

Any help in where to look for debugging this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Nick,

This is likely failing since you are using the external IP for the --host-address value instead of the internal IP of node you are installing on. Could you try installing with your internal ip address?