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Larger /dev/shm with Docker < 1.10

(Ruebe) #1

Hi there,

I need to support different Linux distributions, including CentOS 7.2 and OpenSUSE 42.1, which both come with Docker 1.9.1 by default. The /dev/shm-size of 64 MB used by 1,9.1 inside of a container is not sufficient for my use-case. With newer Docker versions I can increase the size with the option --shm-size . This option is not available in Docker 1.9.1 .

While upgrading CentOS 7.2 to a newer Docker version seems to be relatively straight forward, the procedure described for upgrading Docker on for OpenSUSE does not seem to work for OpenSUSE 42.1, and I cannot recommend it to users. So I am stuck with older Docker versions on this distribution.

Thus: Is there a way to increase /dev/shm inside of the container for older Docker versions ?

Thanks and Best Regards,