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Launching new Azure node fails

(Csuzw) #1

I’m trying to setup Docker Cloud using Azure following the Welcome guide. I’ve successfully linked my Azure account. I uploaded the management certificate to Azure and set the subscription ID in Docker Cloud. Then I try to launch a basic Azure node. I’ve tried various regions but otherwise left everything at default values. It seems to terminate at the point it uses the certificate.

XXXXXX-csuzw: Using certificate with thumbprint: <thumbprint>
XXXXXX-csuzw: Terminating deployment: dockercloud-XXXXXX
XXXXXX-csuzw: Terminating cloud service and disks (OS and data): dockercloud-XXXXXX
XXXXXX-csuzw: Termination of cloud service is: Succeeded
XXXXXX-csuzw: Instance is now terminated in Microsoft Azure
ERROR: XXXXXX-csuzw: ERROR (reference <some-guid>): An internal server error has occurred during your request. Please open a support ticket indicating the error reference and we will get back to you as soon as possible

The 1 possibly odd thing I’ve noticed is that the certificate thumbprint is different every time and does not match the thumbprint displayed in the Azure management thing. I’m not sure if this is correct or not.

Anyone experienced similar or knows what I’m doing wrong?