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Launching Node Cluster


(Anujparikh) #1

Deploying my first node on Docker Cloud. I am following these guidelines
I have created both docker role and policy on AWS and attached it in Cloud settings.
Next I am create a node cluster with minimum configurations, as my app is just a basic one.
But while selecting a “Region”, Bad Request (400) error is coming in console.
And so, I am not able to Launch node cluster.
Am I doing something wrong here?

(Maxtuzz) #2

OK, so I was just having this problem and came here, saw this, but ended up solving it.

Docker cloud currently isn’t giving great error feedback when you are trying to create your infrastructure. I had to dig into network preview to see what it was going wrong, and I found this error message:

nodecluster: {disk: ["Ensure this value is greater than or equal to 10

So yeah. Just set your disk space to 10gb or more and then you should be fine.