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Layer 7 Routing Windows 1809

Does anyone have experience using the UCP layer 7 routing with Windows nodes? Or does anyone know if its even supported? I can’t find anything in the docs stating whether or not it’s supported on windows.

We’re running on Server 2019 1809, Docker 18.09.6 and UCP 3.1.7

We cannot get traffic to forward to our windows nodes when using UCP Interlock. It comes in the external load balancer, hits the nginx interlock proxy and nginx gives a 502 bad gateway error when it tries to send the traffic to the windows nodes.

The nginx logs show this:

connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream

I exec’d into the nginx containers and viewed the config and the IP addresses and ports for the windows nodes are correct in the config.

Windows firewall is disabled, doing a port scan against I can confirm the port is open and listening. I can get traffic to flow to the linux nodes just fine but not windows.

Before I spend anymore time spinning my wheels I just want to see if anyone has experience with it or could tell me if it’s supported or not.