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LDAP/AD Are users from different groups allowed in Docker Datacenter?

Hi all,
What are we trying to know is if there is a way to choose various groups for users in LDAP/AD tree or we should add a new group (“docker-users” for example) with all users allowed to use Docker Datacenter inside?.

Many Thanks in Advance,
Javier Ramírez

Hi Javier,

You can use either method in order to import users into your DDC deployment. You can import groups from LDAP and automatically turn them into teams in UCP ( ). All the users in the group will be imported and placed in the team. It is up to you if you want to create a single group with all the DDC users or whether you want to use multiple LDAP groups. If you use the single large group, you can always create new teams within UCP itself afterwards.

One advantage of adding a single large team–if you want all the users to have a single set of global permissions to a single label, you can do so easily by importing all of the users in one group and adding a permissions label to that group.

Is this a new feature in Universal Control Plane 1.1.0?, I have never seen these options before…
I think it is really an advantage to be able to manage team membership with LDAP, because permissions will be assigned to teams and acquired by users.

Many Thanks for your Help :wink:

Hi, we are trying to plan for a production scale docker data center. We have an application for software distribution which already has user management module. So, we have thousands of users in it. As it is very troublesome to create these many users manually using UI, We are planning to use the same user base details which are already existing in our database and feed them them to UCP or DTR using CLI. Is there any api option available to run bulk upload script to create and apply permissions for user using CLI?

These users details are not in LDAP/AD. These are our application specific customers.

Searched in the net but couldn’t able to find one. Please help.

looks like doc location moved (

I too am looking at setting Teams up but no users show up. I am using ldap and that part works great. The supplied write up is for non ldap environments.

Has anyone gotten their ldap teams working? I can run an ldap query without issue in command line for pulling up our ldap groups.