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Learning Dockerfile handling of path

(Fredj) #1

I am learning about Dockerfile by following some examples and reading the docs. A Dockerfile has the following starting lines:

FROM ubuntu:14.04
RUN mkdir /home/meteorapp
WORKDIR /home/meteorapp
ADD . ./meteorapp

# Do basic updates
RUN apt-get update -q && apt-get clean

# Get curl in order to download what we need
RUN apt-get install curl -y \

  # Install Meteor
  && (curl | sh) \

  # Build the Meteor app
  && cd /home/meteorapp/meteorapp/app \
  && meteor build ../build --directory \
  # and more lines ...

The lines && cd /home/meteorapp/meteorapp/app \ fails with error:

/bin/sh: 1: cd: can’t cd to /home/meteorapp/meteorapp/app

The Dockerfile is located in the root directory of my app which is named ‘hp’

What is causing this error and how to fix it?