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Link cloud provider to Organization account


(William) #1

My company has an admin docker-cloud/hub account and we also have a docker-hub organization setup. I am having trouble creating a node-cluster because all the provider options are all grayed out.

The admin account is the owner of the organization on docker-hub & has linked a Digital Ocean account with the admin docker-cloud account. Not sure how to link the provider to the organization directly at the moment because I can’t view account settings for the organization on docker-cloud.

Is there a way to link Digital Ocean account directly to an organization account on docker-cloud?

How to move services to organization?
(William) #2

Nevermind, answered my own question:

  1. On the top right you can switch to the organization account.

  2. Click on the docker logo in the top left to view welcome page.

  3. Click on the Link Provider square in the left center of the page.