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Linking two simple containers

(Lmartins) #1

Hi everyone,

Im really new to docker and have been trying to use Kitematic as a jumpstart into it.
I have two containers called wordpress and wordpressdb, which I cannot find a way to link. I believe Kitematic doesnt handle this for me at the moment, so my questions is what would be the proper command to have them linked so I can successfully start the wordpress container.


(Ducatel David) #2

Hi lmartins,

you have two solutions for this:

  • Use --link arguments from the docker run command

    docker run --link wordpressdb:wordpressdb_alias -d -P wordpress

  • Use the the links directive of docker-compose.yml

Link to the documentation:

(Lmartins) #3

Thanks David,

I ended up using Docker-compose which solved this for me.

Thanks :smile: