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Linux container on Windows Server 2016

(Smittapalli) #1


I’m trying to get Linux container on Server 2016 but with no luck so far.

Server 2016 comes with built-in Windows docker container but not Linux container.

And there is no documentation available on how to install Linux container on Server 2016. The InstallDocker.msi available for download is compatible with Windows 10+ only but not Server 2016.

All the available docker setup instructions and articles for Server 2016 provide ways to setup windows container only but not linux container.

Found this post Linux container in w2k16, which seems a bit of hack. Anyone aware of other ways to get the linux container on Server 2016?

I’m curious why the linux container support is available on Windows 10+ but not Server 2016. Can we anticipate linux container support added to Server 2016 in near term?

Greatly appreciate any suggestions.

(Marc) #2

Containers are therefore lightweight, so you can run more containers than VMs on a host server. They are also less flexible. Whereas you can run Linux in a VM running on Windows, that idea makes no sense for a container, which shares operating system files with its host.

(Smittapalli) #3

Appreciate your prompt response.

Wonder why Linux container support is added on Windows 10 in that case.

(Illera88) #4

you can try this: Linux container in w2k16

(Ralph Kincade) #5

this is news to me , I did not think this was even possible , if you get it working can you share the exact steps ?

thanks !!!

(Dgg023) #6

This still makes sense if you are running multiple containers in a single VM as opposed to multiple VMs.

(Xlegalles) #7

Many answers make sense. Except that MS is pushing Docker with HyperV (and a ton of marketing arguments): in this case, having a Windows or a Linux host VM is exactly the same. And therefore not having Linux containers enabled in Server 2016 is a non-sense.
I agree that if we want the real benefits of containers in production, we should prefer real hosts to VM. But still there are scenarios where you want to be able to deploy a complete solution mixing windows/linux containers in a fast, easy way (i.e. single host).
Now, I now it’s coming with version 1709.


yea your right, the answer is that microsoft is lazy. There is no reason why docker EE cant support running linux containers in a linux host (in a hyper-v VM).

Docker for windows does this, and their installer prevent docker for windows being installed in windows server 2016. Its complete nonsense. Sometimes we use containers for things other than production systems where performance is used - ie for testing.