Linux of Docker on windows 11

Recently I installed Docker. Then I uninstalled it. Unfortunately, Docker installed Linux on my PC. Now that Docker is uninstalled, there is still the Linux tab in File Explorer. How can I delete it from the file explorer ?
Note that there is nothing in it and that it is impossible to access the properties.

You can see a screenhot on that link below :

I assume this is thank to enabled “Windows Subsystem for Linux” feature that was enabled during the docker installation.

To disable the feature press “win+r” key. Enter the command control appwiz.cpl,,2 and press the enter key. It will open the Dialog to enable/disable Windows features. Simply uncheck “Windows Subsystem for Linux” and click the “okay” button. After a reboot WSL should be uninstalled

Yes ! It worked. Thanks a lot !
Blessings !