.local call in NodeRed fails

Hi There,

Making my first steps with Docker, in a try to move my stuff from a Raspberry Pi to my DS1520+ nas.
One of the items i’m moving is NodeRed.

An API call i’m making on the Pi, doesn’t work on the docker container.
The error is:

This is the result of the simplest of calls:

Any thoughts around this?

Please, share the error messages as text, since we cannot copy anything from a picture to help you search for the error message. In this case I didn’t need to. don’t forget to format your post properly when you share error messages or code:

What is that hostname? gateway-2017-8871-5701.local If it is just a hostname in your hosts file (/etc/hosts) i and not a DNS record, you will not see that inside a container. Even if you have that hostname inside the hosts file of the container, you when an application tries to resolve the hostname using a DNS server, it will not work.