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Logging DTR Activity

I’d like to use a Docker logging driver to take the logs from the many DTR containers and send them elsewhere–in my case Splunk. I would be able do my own analytics on activity, and see issues as they are happening.

I see the “dtr reconfigure” option
–log-host Endpoint to send logs to, required if –log-protocol is tcp or udp
–log-level Log level for container logs. Default: INFO
–log-protocol The protocol for sending container logs: tcp, tcp+tls, udp or internal. Default: internal

Is it safe to assume i cannot use other docker engine logging drivers and should only use tcp/ucp (syslog, i’d assume)?

Also… i know all the logs are right now “internal”. If i change the logging config, does DTR ship the whole pile of logs that are internal, out via TCP, or just new logs?

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Michael, I also would like to have the logs of all DTR containers sent to Splunk but to date have not figured out how to configure it. Have you received any feedback from your original question from 2/17??