Looking for assistance with Container Manager settings - acolomba/blackvuesync

Hi All,

I have tried to get assistance from the Synology Forum but not had any response so below is a copy/paste of my query.

Looking for some assistance please with the settings for a (docker) container I am trying to setup.

I have a DS420+ running DSM 7.2-64570 Update 1 and Container Manager 20.10.23-1437. I also have a Unifi network setup running multiple vlans (though do not believe there are any issues here).

I have several containers running fine and have tried to add another ‘acolomba/blackvuesync’ so as to perform automatic backups of my vehicle’s Blackvue dashcam footage.

I have read through the info located @ https://github.com/acolomba/blackvuesync and tried to setup in Container Manager though the instructions all relate to Docker (so similar but not quite the same).

I believe I have most of the environment variables correct however am having trouble with a few of them. I should add that I have very limited experience with Docker/Container Manager.

I have tried to read up but am still unsure of the relationships between ‘Volume Settings’, as well as ‘Path’ and ‘Address’ both of which are under ‘Environment’. I believe I need to input the IP address of the dashcam, the location of where I wish the downloaded photos/data to reside and also a location for the Docker files (for settings retention during updates). I have tried numerous paths and details though it continuously comes up with stop errors (emailed from Container Manager) and continues to run without me being able to stop the container (sometimes after a long wait I manage to get it to stop using the ‘Force stop’ action). From the log files it appears to be stopping at a permission error with ‘Permission denied’.

I have numerous screen shots which may help though this post is already too long…

Hoping someone with better Container Manager knowledge can have a quick look and point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

I’m not sure how useful answers you can get here. I personally never used Synology, but some of us know it better. I don’t understand the question or I should say “I don’t find the question”. I can’t help you with Container Manager (I guess that is part of Synology), because I know nothing about it and I don’t see any error messages except “Permission denied” but without context.

If you have more error messages, please share them as text, not screenshots as that is often hard to read and impossible to quote or just search for it later. See How to format your forum posts about codde blocks.which is often needed for error messages so the forum will not change the messages appearance.

You can still share screenshots when it is important to see how something looks like on the screen.