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Lost Contact With Node


(Can Yucel) #1

I have been testing Docker Cloud for about three weeks on Azure, and on February 24th, 2016, and today, I received a message as:

Lost Contact with the docker daemon in [id]

Regarding to this message, as you can guess it all stopped working. Also status of my services did not change, and stayed in ‘Running’ state. On Azure, there was not any problem with the host.

If you need more information about my cluster, I would love to share it. Only problem is, I am a free tier user, and for mitigating this issue, I terminated the old instance and spun up a new one. In case you need next time when it happens I can ssh into the machine, and check docker daemon logs.

(Psoaresgqls) #2

Same problem here, with an instance deployed on AWS… except that mine lost contact after only 2h.
The machine is still up on AWS, and looks healthy, but docker cloud can’t reach it anymore…

(Theartling) #3

I’m losing contact several times per day on all of my nodes managed by docker cloud. Even with the simplest of setups. Don’t know what to do and support does not respond.

(Lizter) #4

@theartling I might have reported a similar issue yesterday: Nodes go Unreachable

(Can Yucel) #5

When I started using two nodes in my cluster, I stopped having this issue, but still it does not make any sense.