Lost serial number


The email containing my serial number has got deleted permanently and after a Docker beta re-install I need to re-enter it. How can I get the invite code re-sent?

you might be able to find your invite code within the syslog, grep for “Entered token”

No sadly :frowning: Hopefully an admin from the program can resend them, I’m sure they were generated somehow.

Has this been resolved?

thank you so much.

In case anyone else is looking, I found mine in ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/logs/{firstday}/com.docker.app.log

now stored away someplace safe

grep "Entered token" /var/log/system.log
# For older (gzipped) logs, run this and try the grep cmd again:
gunzip /var/log/system.log.*.gz

Good luck. If you can’t find the token here in the logs, you’ll probably have to create new Docker account and request new invite.

It’s OK, I sent Docker support an email and they sent me a new token, which I have saved to Evernote this time :slight_smile: