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Lvm (device mapper) on docker

(Mattmurdocker78) #1

Hello everyone,

OS: ubuntu 14.04
lvm package: lvm2

I followed this procedure: (from the title: direct-lvm Configure fashion for production)

which lets you configure the LVM on a hard drive

I partition my drive sdb and then I followed step by step, I block out the following command:

lvconvert --zero n -y -c 512K --thinpool docker / thinpool --poolmetadata docker / thinpoolmeta

Here is the error message I: “Can not use thin logical volume docker / thinpool for thin pool data.”

Do you have an idea ?

(Chemical) #2

I have tried using LVM myself and it didn’t work when following the guide.

But if you follow the manual configuration from the guide and use the following content for /etc/docker/daemon.json then it will work:

    "storage-driver": "devicemapper",
    "storage-opts": [

The difference is adding “-tpool”.

See which should have fixed the issue.