MacOS Docker desktop - Failed to connect to Docker

Hi all, I have a problem in docker desktop in MacOS Sonoma 14.4, M1 chip.
I’m using also k8s with TiltUI.
Docker desktop version: Docker Desktop 4.28.0 (139021)
Use Rosetta for x86_64/amd64 emulation on Apple Silicon - enabled

Out of nowhere I get this error:
`Failed to connect to Docker: request returned Internal Server Error for API route and version http://%2FUsers%2Froy%2F.docker%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.24/version, check if the server supports the requested API version``Cluster status error: cluster liveness check: Get

Also, when I restart the docker desktop, k8s is stuck in “starting” only restart my mac or kill the process works.

Any ideas?