Managed network plugin tag problems

I’m creating a managed network plugin using “docker plugin create foobar ./myplugin” where “./myplugin” contains the root fs and the config.json.

Next, I’m pushing the plugin into a local registry using “docker plugin push …” and removing the local plugin using “docker plugin rm”. This is to simulate a normal end-user plugin deployment from a local registry in the next step.

Finally I do

docker plugin install --grant-all-permissions --alias foobar ...

The plugin now shows up in “docker plugin ls” with a name of foobar:latest. And in fact, I can only reference the driver on the CLI using “docker network create -d foobar:latest” and similar in a Docker compose file. The problem now is that Docker seems to enforce using the tag explicitly. Now, :latest is the worst tag ever, so I would like to use proper version tags. Unfortunately, that would break the service deployment definition each time the managed plugin gets, well, managed.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a way around to not having to use any tag in deployment?