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Managing Standalone Swarm cluster with UCP

(Ambadas Kulkarni) #1

I was playing around with a UCP installation. Is there any way to manage Standalone Swarm Clusters in UCP?
E.g. If I’ve 2 swarm clusters
swarm-cluster1 and swarm-cluster2 which are provisioned using standard swarm and not using UCP.
How do I manage those clusters using a UCP installation?

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi kulkaamb,

Currently, UCP stands up its own Swarm cluster as part of the installation (for purposes of HA, setting up TLS, key-value store backend, etc.). We are looking at being able to add external Swarm clusters in the future though.

(Ambadas Kulkarni) #3

Hi Saraswat,

Thanks for the clarification, do you know how soon (which version) this might be available?

(Vivek Saraswat) #4

Hi Kulkaamb,

I don’t have that information right now, sorry.

One question for you: Would it be helpful to have a script or tool that points an existing swarm cluster, deconstructs it, and creates a UCP cluster out of the nodes (or adds the nodes to your cluster), while leaving the applications intact? This would allow you to preserve your apps but allow UCP to stand up the cluster and thus maintain security/authentication.

Would that be helpful? Any potential issues you might foresee with that?

(Rick Peters) #5

Hi Vivek,

for an intermediate solution I think that would be a great solution.