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Metadata lacking/inconsistent on UCP images

(Alm. Brand Docker admins) #1

We are using Puppet to manage most of our Docker products.

The problem is that the UCP images are not very consistent in regards to their LABELS.

The ucp-controller has a com.docker.ucp.version label, but on a UCP node, the only place you can see the version is on the image tag: "Image": "docker/ucp-proxy:1.0.1"
It seems that the ucp-controller is the only image with some information in regards to version.

We would prefer proper version labels, something like the com.docker.ucp.version label…
maybe; com.docker.ucp.version.consolidated, com.docker.ucp.version.number and com.docker.ucp.version.hash

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi almdocker,

Actually, right now the com.docker.ucp.version label applies to the upstream version of each UCP container (e.g. for ucp-kv it is the etcd version number). In order to meet the ask we should have two different labels–one for the upstream app version of each ucp container, and one for the universal ucp version.

I will bring this up to the team and get it sorted out for a future release. Good catch!

(Alm. Brand Docker admins) #3

upstream app version of each ucp container, and one for the universal ucp version

@vsaraswat, that sound great! It would really simplify management of UCP from Puppet. I created an issue over on Puppetlabs puppet_ucp module regarding this, so when you fix this in a future release, please let me know so I can fork the repo and add some version-control logic.