Migrating dockers from Centos7 host to Rocky Linux 9.1 Host Systemd Issue

Hi, i have a problem running a container in Rocky Linux 9.1 host, it seems like systemd doesn’t work, the script i run the container is this

docker run \
 -p \
  --name=glpi2 -d \
-v /home/dockers/glpi/db:/var/lib/mysql \
-v /home/dockers/glpi/glpi:/usr/share/glpi/plugins \
  --privileged -ti -e container=docker \
 -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup glpi3:centos7 /usr/sbin/init tail -f /dev/null

the base image of the container is centos7 image.
The Container works with no issues on a Centos7 host

I almost never run systemd in a container and I never used Rocky Linux, so hard to say anything without logs. If systemd doesn’t work, then you can most likely find something in the container logs. If you can share it, maybe I will have a idea. I know that systemd is special enough to require different parameters on different operating systems. The kernel could also be different or the cgroup version or anything else.