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Minimum and maximum requirements for docker engine


I’m new in docker and this is my first topic, I am a software engineer student to be graduated in two months and I’m developing an application Spring boot, Angular 8 and Postgresql database for my internship.

I want to deploy my application on a server and depoy all the modules using docker but i don’t know what is the minimum and maximum requirements to install docker also should i install UCP also or no and what ports should i open.

If there is any one expert that can suggest me, I will be happy because i need to deploy the application as soon as possible.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you have a subscription for Docker Enterprise? Otherwise UCP is off the table…
There are plenty of docs covering the min requirements for UCP nodes.

You didn’t mention how your target environment will look like: mac/windows/linux? Will the host be used exclusivly as a Docker node, or will it be a multipurpose machine where IDEs and such are supposed to run as well?

Though, as no one can predict the ressources your application will require, there is no way to predict a minimum/maximum requirement.

Hello Metin,
I don’t have subscription for Docker Entreprise so as you said the UCP will be off the table.

My target environement is linux and the server is a host where i will install docker and deploy Spring, Angular, Postgres on it.

I read in docs about the minimum requirements but what i don’t know is what are the ports that i need to open to be able to test the application on a real server, because i installed docker on my local machine and tested the application but now in a real server i don’t know if should i open for example open port 4200 that i can run angular from my computer or something like that.

Thank you in advance.

If Swarm is used, those are the ports:

Additionaly: every container that should be access from an external machine, needs its port(s) to be published and in the firewall the port(s) need to be openend.

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