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Mirror central Docker registry

(James Bennett) #1


We are using Docker Trusted Registry locally, but would like to also use it as a mirror for the central registry so we can pull images from a local cache. This seems to work with the open source registry as described here:

Does this work in DTR as well? I have not been able to locate any configurations which would allow me to set this up.


(Jeff Anderson) #2


Currently DTR doesn’t work in this mode. This is in part due to how DTR’s authentication/token system works-- you’ll only be granted tokens for repositories under your control. If you do end up trying to run DTR in mirror mode, you won’t be able to get a token to allow you to use that feature.

An immediate workaround might be to run an open source instance of distribution alongside your DTR instance that will facilitate only the mirror feature.

It’s possible that a future DTR version will have support for this, but I’m not aware of any current work being done on that front.


(James Bennett) #3

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the explanation. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.