Missing compose volume

I’m using an emby docker image to serve up video. My compose yml has 5 volumes it uses. The first 4 load and show up in emby without problems. The fifth is mia. They all have the same permissions, reside in the same directory. How can I go about figuring out why my last volume doesn’t show up?

Here’s my relevant compose section:

image: emby/embyserver_arm64v8:beta
container_name: embyserver
network_mode: host # Enable DLNA and Wake-on-Lan
- UID=1000 # The UID to run emby as (default: 2)
- GID=1000 # The GID to run emby as (default 2)
- GIDLIST=1000 # A comma-separated list of additional GIDs to run emby as (default: 2)
- TZ=America/New_York
- /home/pi/docker/emby:/config # Configuration directory
- /home/pi/leo/emby/tv:/mnt/tv # Media directory
- /home/pi/leo/emby/movies:/mnt/movies # Media directory
- /home/pi/leo/emby/mma:/mnt/mma
- /home/pi/leo/emby/pitch.meeting:/mnt/pitch
- /home/pi/leo/emby/shows:/mnt/liveshows
- 8096:8096 # HTTP port
- 8920:8920 # HTTPS port
- /dev/vchiq:/dev/vchiq # MMAL/OMX on Raspberry Pi
restart: unless-stopped