Missing devicemapper in 18.09.0 CE on Ubuntu

Ubuntu 18.04
After upgrade of docker-ce (18.06.1 -> 18.09.0) using the docker apt repository, the startup complains:

level=error msg=“Failed to GetDriver graph” driver=devicemapper error=“graphdriver plugins are only supported with experimental mode” home-dir=/var/lib/docker

For EE the combination Ubuntu/devicermapper is not supported but https://docs.docker.com/storage/storagedriver/device-mapper-driver/ mentions support for CE.

Another machine using zfs shows this versions before/after same upgrade:

level=info msg=“Docker daemon” commit=e68fc7a graphdriver(s)=zfs version=18.06.1-ce
level=info msg=“Docker daemon” commit=4d60db4 graphdriver(s)=zfs version=18.09.0

Is the EE version packed in Ubuntu package docker-ce 5:18.09.0~3-0~ubuntu-bionic?

See: Ticket