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'MobyLinuxVM' failed to start

(Ssonam09) #21

Hi ,

I am trying to install docker on my windows10 pro guest operating system but it is giving error one of the hyperv component is not running . Need urgent help

(Amathur) #22

You need to have your underlying hardware support HyperV and you should enable HyperV while installing Windows 10 pro.

(Ssonam09) #23

Thanks Now I am able to install properly.

(Toddfisher) #24

Right clicking on the Docker system tray icon and selecting “Switch to Windows Containers” solved it for me.

I am on a Mac running a Windows 10 Parallels VM.

(Neildsb) #25

this worked for me…hope it helps?

(Monzikov) #26

Check Hyper-V VM & VHD folders setting. The folders shold be exist.

(Lits789) #27

“Switching to Windows Container” did the trick for me for sure. But why it doesn’t not work without switching…can anyone please explain a bit …