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Monitoring Docker Cloud from mobile app

(Midito) #1

I want to share with you how we monitor our Docker Cloud infrastructure from our mobile phones.

We’ve used our own platform, Traken (, which is a mobile app builder intended for this kind of purposes. The integration took us less than an hour and any member of the team can now monitor the services from the mobile phones.
We’ve made something simple, just replicating the “services” page of Docker Cloud.
The integration has been done in PHP, requesting the data from Docker Cloud API and creating a RESTful service to populate the template.
Also, webhooks can be configured to easily receive notifications if something happens.
If you want to make an integration, I’d be so glad to help you.

Disclaimer: I’m the founder of Traken, but I think this is something really useful for the community. If you want to test, just PM me to give you an extended trial.