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Most easiest way migrate Linux server to docker (apache2 and yii-framework-1.1.10 + remote DB pgsql)

I have a configurated old Debian 3.2.54 remote server with apache2, yii-framework-1.1.10 and service inside. I need to start it locally first on my pc.

How would be easier to start it on docker?
Is it possible to get locally full clone of this Debian 3.2.54 remote server and put this clone (cloned image) on docker locally?

Thanks for Your advice!)


No, you cant, and if you did it, it wont work correctly.

Containers are ment to be small individual services, easy to deploy, lightweight.

instead its better to maybe look into the yii repo:

If you want to clone the whole server, use a virtual mahcine. That is possible. You can do what @terpz suggested which is a good suggestion, but you will not find any version of that image based on Debian 3.2.54 or yii 1.1.10. You will not find debian:3 as base image at all on Docker Hub, so the best solution for you I think is a virtual machine until you upgrade to a new version of Yii, because creating a debian Docker image from scratch could be impossible. Docker needs at least Linux kernel 3.10 today, and Debian 3 used an older kernel. Each Docker container uses the kernel of the hosts. I am not sure if you could upgrade the kernel so I think you could have more chance with a VM instead.