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Mounting volume /usr/share/timezoneinfo gives an empty folder in the box


(Peteprogrammer) #1

This issue is observed in Docker for Mac. Tried to run the same steps on a linux box, where it works as expected

Expected behavior

“ls /usr/share/zoneinfo” should list the content of the host’s content of the same folder

Actual behavior

“ls /usr/share/zoneinfo” shows an empty directory


  • the output of:
    • pinata diagnose -u on OSX

pinata diagnose -u
OS X: version 10.11.5 (build: 15F34) version v1.11.1-beta13.1
Running diagnostic tests:
[OK] Moby booted
[OK] driver.amd64-linux
[OK] vmnetd
[OK] osxfs
[OK] db
[OK] slirp
[OK] menubar
[OK] environment
[OK] Docker
[OK] VT-x
Docker logs are being collected into /tmp/20160603-153946.tar.gz
Most specific failure is: No error was detected
Your unique id is: 96AF7848-8FA7-4040-8043-3161621E3006

  • a reproducible case if this is a bug, Dockerfiles FTW
  • page URL if this is a docs issue or the name of a man page
  • host distribution and version ( OSX 10.10.x, OSX 10.11.x, Windows, etc )

Steps to reproduce the behavior

docker run -it -v /usr/share/zoneinfo:/usr/share/zoneinfo busybox
/ # ls /usr/share/zoneinfo

(Clausqr) #2

just for the beta you should prepend your mount point with /Mac i.e.

docker run -it -v /Mac/usr/share/zoneinfo:/usr/share/zoneinfo busy box