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Move Docker Cloud node to a different Azure account

(Imjosh2) #1

I have a Docker Cloud node hosted on an MSDN Azure account. I have a new BizSpark Azure account and I need to move my node over to it. These are separate accounts w/ different logins.

On the Azure side I think I can just copy over the VM VHD. However, what do I do in Docker Cloud? If I change the Azure credential in cloud provider settings to point at the new Azure account, will Docker be able to figure out that there’s an existing Docker Cloud node already there? Are there going to be problems w/ metadata mismatching?

If I have to, I could just start over from scratch, but that will still require removing the existing Azure credential and adding the new one. I’m assuming this won’t cause any problems but there’s nothing about it in the documentation.

Also, feature request: Allow linking to more than one account of the same cloud provider.