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Move on from Docker Cloud to Docker Datacenter


(Volodya) #1

Hi, my team using Docker Cloud for managing nodes and containers in AWS. We start to think that we need to move on from DC, but it should something similar like DC and we don’t want build for example Kubernetes cluster for it. We also have requirement to support on-premises deployment. And after little investigation i see that something like Docker Datacenter could be right way for us. It looks like Docker Cloud, but self-deployed, and even have more stuff than Docker Cloud. Am i correct?

We use several aws accounts to deploy. Each account has own Docker Cloud organization (for security reason). In each aws region we have a node cluster where tenants are deployed. Each tenant has own docker stack, but they can share one node cluster. That is how we use Docker Cloud. Can i run the same infrastructure with DDC in the cloud?

My questions is:
1 - What the differences between DC and DDC? What DC has that DDC hasn’t and visa versa?
2 - Approximately, how cost it could be for my infrastructure? Should i buy one DDC and use it for all tenants, as i have with DC now, or i should have many DDC instances?
3 - Any advises or something that i need to know?

ps. I also heard that Docker mostly stopped to work on Docker Cloud and the team are switched to work with Docker Datacenter. Is that true?