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Moving Nodes Between Accounts

(Sergey Bushnyak) #1

After recent updates, new organization accounts were introduced in beta UI, providing ability to use repos under this account only. But you forget that before it all nodes were connected to non-organizational account, since it was only one

How can I transfer nodes to organziation account? Provide simple solution, I have at least 10 Nodes and it’s very tedious work to do by hand.

(Jannis Hermanns) #2

No news here? Are the docker cloud folks reading the forums?:spy:

(Ryan Kennedy) #3

Existing individual accounts can be converted to Organizations by navigating to the Account Settings page on Docker Hub (a native Docker Cloud account conversion flow will be available in our next release). Click Convert to Organization at the bottom of the page to start the organization conversion process:

(Jannis Hermanns) #4

Thanks for the info! The problem appears to be that we already had an organization account that we used for the repositories - so I’d need to merge my user account into that organization? Does that work?

(Charlieb) #5

Same issue here. DockerHub organization account already exists, so I’m looking for a way to avoid having 2 orgs to manage.

(Sergey Bushnyak) #6

I had organization account already at that point. The problem is with either merging or moving from individual to organizational. Anyway, I was forced to do this by hand.