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Multi-Region routing with Route53


(Mikkel Garcia) #1

We have a software company with many customers located in Portugal, Russia, etc. Good response times for these users is key so I’ve been trying to figure out to do multi-region support with Docker and Route53. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Multi-region at the DNS level. Route53 supports it here:

In our configuration, each Node has an HAProxy container bound to port 80/443 that redirects to the appropriate app based on CNAME. In this case:

  • Each time you add a new Node, the specific container endpoint becomes an entry in Route 53:


  • This approach does not use Service endpoints, only load balanced container endpoints.

I’m not sure how route53 handles a node being taken offline or if theres a better solution for multi-region than this. Please chime in if you know of one.

(Mikkel Garcia) #2

I ended up using AWS elastic IPs as the A names for route 53. Small gotcha: when you create an elastic IP to the Docker Cloud container, you will need to use a VPC elastic IP. This option is available when creating elastic IPs.