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Multiple stacks on a node, each with their own unique and securely separated network?


(Zimmergren) #1


Experimenting with a fun theory; Is it possible to run a single node with multiple stacks on it, each stack getting isolated networks?



  • Stack1:
    – Container 1
    – Container 2
    – Container 3
  • Stack2:
    – Container 1
    – Container 2
    – Container 3

I don’t want anything from Stack1 to be able to reach or communicate with anything in Stack2, but I want them in the same VM/node.

(Seafoodbuffet) #2

If I understand your question, you want to know if it’s possible for two different stacks to be isolated from each other. My understanding is that unless you explicitly share networks between stacks, they are distinct and isolated from each other. In fact you have to jump through hoops specifically to enable communication across stacks.

(Zimmergren) #3

Hi @seafoodbuffet,

Thanks for your reply, didn’t see this until now. Quite some time ago I moved away from any basic/standard setup in Docker Cloud and am running things with Swarms/Kubernetes/other orchestrators.