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Multiple users access to Docker Cloud

(Chrisvire) #1

How do multiple users access the same Docker Cloud configuration? Create a service account and have them login with service account credentials?

This can be done in Docker Hub. As part of Docker Cloud 1.0, we use Docker ID to access the configuration. Does this not include the organizations that Docker Hub can use? Something that will be able in the future?



(Borja Burgos) #2

Chris, we’re actively working on adding support for orgs and teams to Docker Cloud, but unfortunately there is no support for it yet.

(Chrisvire) #3

Thanks for the information! For now, we created a service account and are both logging into that account.

(Mike Dalrymple) #4

I’m surprised this was not part of the general 1.0 release. It’s critical functionality for a production roll out. Is there anywhere other than this forum post where we can track the progress of this implementation and/or provide suggested requirements?

(Levin Keller) #5

Mike is correct. This is the most pressing issue. Should spend money on important features instead of really bad ui “improvements” (how many people switched back to classic ui, hm?)

(Chrisvire) #6

At DockerCon 2016, The first day keynote seemed to demo the ability for a user in an organization to access for the organization. It went by quickly so I might be wrong…

(Michael Clifford) #7

This functionality was shown multiple times in different sessions. It is still being tested with a number of accounts and should hopefully be released in the coming weeks (fingers crossed).

(Mahmoud Saada) #8

Any updates would be much appreciated. We need this feature urgently within the next two weeks.

(Ryan Kennedy) #9

Thank you for your patience.

The team is actively working on support for organizations. We are spending additional cycles on this feature to ensure it is released with the highest quality.

(Mahmoud Saada) #10

Is there a workaround to migrate resources to another account?
This is critical for our team since my personal account is currently used and I’m leaving the team.

Thank you @pkennedyr

(Borja Burgos) #11

@saada Unfortunately there is no way to migrate runtime resources (containers, services, nodes, etc.) to another account.

(Mahmoud Saada) #12

I ended up creating a new account for the org and recreating all the resources… The cli was really helpful since I was able to run docker-cloud stack export stack-name for all our stacks and then login with the new account and create those stacks using the same files. Not ideal, but for anyone else struggling the cli worked well for me.